HP = Harry Potter

The other day I watched ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’ in the theatre here in Yogyakarta. Actually, I had this movie BEFORE it was released in the theatre. I bought it for 10000 Rupiah (which is about $1.10 CAN), along with the rest of the HP movies. OH yeah. But I didn’t watch it until I went to the movie theatre, so I didn’t spoil it to anyone. Renegade and I had also gone to the movies earlier, and we saw ‘Blitz’ with Jason Statham, the rogue cop. Then we were looking at dvds at a store, and there it was, while it still was playing in the theatres!

The most funny part of HP7 was at the very end when the screen shows the WINDOWS background, with the ‘shut down’, ‘hibernate’ and ‘restart’ icons showing. They also don’t play previews…probably because it’s not the original reel, and they start movies EARLY. Who does that?? I entered the theatre at 8:14pm, when it was supposed to start at 8:15pm, and it was already 2 minutes into the movie…. So that meant I didn’t pee until the end of the movie because I clearly wasn’t going to miss a moment of HP, even though I had to pee before the movie. And then, the weird part is that when you exit the theatre, you go through a different exit to the outside parking lot. But we all had to pee, and we wanted to get back in, so we could go to the washroom! We tried to play the dumb bule card, and knocked on the window doors to try and get the attention of one of the cleaning staff still inside the theatre, but the door was locked, and he just pointed in a vague direction towards the right. So we hobbled along, and then with the sleuth skills of Nicole, we found two SINGLE washrooms on the outside of the theatre, thankfully. As we rounded the corner to get our bikes to go home, the theatre was really locked, and all the workers had gone home. It was 9:30pm. Oh, Indonesia.

You can also go to a store here and rent dvds with all kinds of programs, like Rosetta Stone, MatLab, and even the whole Windows7 and download them to your own computer… they are all clearly pirated copies. So I think you have to have either a computer bought here, or special programs to allow your computer to accept it… I tried to download MatLab a while back, but I couldn’t, and I assume because it’s a pirated copy. But I’m no computer genius.


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