hp = handphone

I have 4 days left in Indonesia, concluding this year’s adventure….hoping to come back….but just waiting to muleh to Canada to see my family, to see my friends, to ride my bicycle without breathing toxic fumes of exhaust from falling-apart-motorbikes.

It’s time to go home — I left my hp in the angkot at the last transit to another angkot (mini-bus) just before arriving in Paciran a week and a half ago. And by ‘hp’, I mean ‘handphone’ or ‘cellphone’, and not ‘Harry Potter’. The latter deserves capitalization.

The annoying thing was that I realized I left my hp behind just moments after it happened. But there was nothing to do, because we were already in the different angkot, and the other angkot must have already left the terminal. They’re always (lurchingly) on the the move. I guess I could’ve told the driver…

So when I finally arrived in Paciran after a vacation in Karimun Jawa…ferry: 6 hours, bus: 5 hours, angkot: 1.5 hours… I told my predicament to Bu Z. I first called my number, and someone answered, but then they hung up on me! Then Bu Z called, and was able to talk, but he basically said he was busy and hung up again! Okaaaay. So I knew someone picked up my hp. Then we sent an sms saying that if they could bring it over, since we assumed it was the driver of the angkot, that they would possibly take the route down to Paciran, and then I could give a thank you/reward in the form of thousands of Rupiah.

But no reply…so then I got my other friend to call, and she actually talked with him for a few minutes, and we set up a time to meet. It turns out he works at the TPI in Brondong (fish market), and he said he couldn’t meet the next day because he’s going to a wedding, but he could meet the following day. He said he would be at a warung across the street from the street to TPI between 7 and 9am. Sounded complicated…

So that morning, we were ready to go, and we tried to call my number to confirm the meeting place/time. But my number wasn’t active anymore!! We still went to the warung, hung out for over an hour, repeatedly tried to call my number, but it still wasn’t active. We asked around, it was the “news” at the warung that morning, and people kept on shouting ‘ono bule!’ when they entered the warung. Good gracious.

So why the elaborate fabrication when you know you’re not going to show up? I know for a fact that he’s still using my number as his own. It was a cheap hp, but the information was all my contacts for a year! So annoying to now get back… I guess facebook is good for some things. And now the question is ….

Do I get a hp for when I’m in Canada, or just deal with my home phone??

I know some friends really want me to get a cell phone (ahem, her name starts with a B). I don’t know how necessary it is, though. You just have to plan things beforehand, and mostly stick to the plan. It’s necessary here in Indonesia for sure…I don’t have a home phone either, so it makes sense that I have a hp. But do I need one in Canada? It is convenient to have one though, but why is it so damn expensive in Canada??  I can’t decide.


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