les amoreux sont seuls au monde

Is it normal to miss work while on vacation?

Things are winding down. I’m heading back to Canada on August 10th. I can’t wait!!! My man is here, and we’re on vacation, exploring Java. I’m speaking a lot of English. I make a lot of mistakes. That’s usual though for me…haha… It’s a bit of a buffer to hang out with some one from North America in Indonesia just before heading back.

But the other day, I just broke down. As much as I’m looking forward to experience fall weather again, eat bran flakes for breakfast, have hot showers all the time, this year has brought me to people and places that I would never have dreamed of meeting. And I’m going to miss my friends here. A lot. Who else can I speak Javanese to in the middle of the night? I shared a bed with my friend for 3 months! She checked my hair for lice! And found some! We swam in the North Java Sea! She is so patient when I cannot explain myself. She taught me how to make sambal!

I wish I could bring back a bit of friend, a bit of sea, a bit of true cooking back with me.


3 comments on “les amoreux sont seuls au monde

  1. cheryl fox says:

    It sounds like you’ve experienced something that will change your life forever. I’ve enjoyed following your blog and I really can’t wait to see you again!

  2. Karen Machan says:

    Hey little buddy……I was a little worried that I might not be able to read the blog…some foreign language thing…you know me and my french…fires, toast, bread, etc……
    You continue to amaze me with your adventures….you have seen and done more things than I will ever do in a lifetime….you go girlfriend.
    The beach at my house is beautifulĀ this year, and nice and warm too!!!! Lots of time spent down there for sure.
    I definatly want to see you when you are back this way again….give me a heads up so i can change my work schedule if I have to…..
    Continue to enjoy the ride,

  3. amanda says:

    bring back some sand or a natural souvenir!! A book of autographs with messages from your friends in Indonesia! I’m sure they would say the same things about how unforgettable you are (maybe they would like to forget spaghetti though, hee hee!)

    you and francis travel safe – i have your mail!! :P

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