I’m giving a talk at ISLOJ (International Symposium on the Languages of Java) and also at ISMIL (International Symposium on Malay/Indonesian Linguistics) this coming weekend in Malang.

3rd International Symposium on the Languages of Java
23-24 June 2011

15th International Symposium on Malay/Indonesian Linguistics
24-26 June 2011

My talk at ISLOJ is about some aspects of syntax on tense, aspect, modal markers in Javanese spoken in Paciran, work that I’m doing right now. And my talk at ISMIL is on the results of an experiment on how Indonesian uses prosody in focus contexts that I did back when I was in Yogya.

I’m excited to meet friends from Jakarta there, and I hope I get to meet Stuart Robson, who is also giving a talk at ISLOJ. He actually wrote the ‘Javanese Grammar for Students’  and co-authored the Javanese-English dictionary I use all the time. Maybe I should bring it with me to get it signed. :)

Also, I haven’t been out of Paciran for over a month, so it is definitely going to be nice to get out of the village for a bit. I can’t believe I’ve lasted this long! haha… what a journey so far.


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