It’s bugging me.

Sooo, I think I have ants in my bed, because I now have about 50 small red marks all over my body. They’re not particularly itchy so I don’t think they are mosquito bites. And mosquito bites are bigger. Believe me, I am familiar with mosquito bites by now. I try to sleep under my mosquito net every night, but sometimes it’s too hot or I thrash in my sleep and then I wake up and it’s not over me anymore.  The mosquitoes here are much faster fliers than those I’ve been acquainted with in Canada. They zip around and land on you with barely a touch. Before, I’ve been able to feel a mosquito biting me. Here, I am completely oblivious. Until I feel the itch, that is.  And then I can’t stop scratching, so it becomes an open sore bite. I’m covering myself in calamine lotion to stop myself from scratching. Once I went to class with calamine lotion spots all over me, and the tutors were really wondering what had happened. They thought I had some kind of terrible skin rash. But it was just mosquito bites.

And once I couldn’t fall asleep because I had this horrible mosquito bite on my shin, and I was really trying not to scratch it, but it was so itchy. I was really going crazy trying not to scratch it but I couldn’t help myself.  And I was so tired because it was super late and I had just finished writing my paper for my bahasa indonesia class, and all I wanted to do was to fall asleep but I couldn’t because of that evil bite! So then I got out of bed and literally doused my leg in calamine lotion, but then I was getting angry because I put so much on and it was taking forever to dry and I wanted to sleep! So then was it was semi-dry I just went back to bed and put my hands behind my head so as to not itch that bite on my shin. Just as I was drifting to sleep I unconsciously started scratching my left hand. I HAD A MOSQUITO BITE ON MY KNUCKLE.

Yes, a mosquito bite on your knuckles is one of the worst places. One that is by far the worst place, in my opinion, is the on the bottom of your foot. That has occurred 3 times so far in my stay here. In this case, I am in a bit of a predicament because it is both satisfying and ticklish to scratch the bottom of my foot. Plus, the skin is so rough and thick and different, than say, on your arm, because you can easily make an X on the mosquito bite with your nails (this is my Mom’s trick) on the skin of your arm, but it’s much harder to make an X on the bottom of your foot.  So I’m just leaving calamine lotion trails on the tiled floor all over my house.

Anyways, it seems now I need a more effective mosquito net to keep the ants out now. At least the little geckos and the rat who visits the kitchen haven’t joined me in bed yet.


2 comments on “It’s bugging me.

  1. sashasnotebook says:

    what is a cross on the bite for?

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