Things I never would have experienced if I wasn’t living in Indonesia:

(1) Everyone leaving the office early because the building is being “fogged” for mosquitos. It is currently not known if the substance being sprayed is detrimental to one’s health, but since the general consensus was “let’s get out of here”, then I’m assuming that to some degree, yes.

(2) Wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt in 28C weather. No, I do not also wear finger gloves as some women do, in order to protect their hands from the sun. I seem to be getting used to it though, as I’m not sweating profusely anymore if I wear pants.

(3) Eating fruit with a really spicy peanut sauce: rujak. This food is apparently the food of choice for women who are pregnant. So if you start having major cravings for rujak, then there might be some gossip in the neighbourhood….

(4) Actually, eating spicy food in general. I’m starting to enjoy the burning sensation in my mouth that just tones down any other flavour that’s trying to happen. I still say that I would like “sedang” when they ask if I want my dish “pedas” (spicy). The choices are “tidak pedas” (not spicy), “sedang” (middle), or “pedas”, or “pedas seKAli” (very spicy)!

(5) Seeing a belly dancer dance in a costume where the belly part is actually covered with flesh-coloured fabric.


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