In the big city

Feelings about the big city of Jakarta.

  • Macet! Traffic! Tentu saja! Not owning a motorcycle, car, or bicycle here and considering that the nearest public transportation stop is NOT near to where I’m currently staying,  my primary method of transportation is by taxi. I have experienced chatty taxi drivers, quiet taxi drivers, and the in-between. The most priceless experience so far was when a taxi driver “pretended” not to know where Kemang Raya is, and tooled around for a bit, until I told him I’m getting out and not paying, and then he “asked” a police “where” the road is, and promptly took me there.
  • Stress! Because getting to the office or wherever is such a chore, if I were to ever live here, I would want to chose a place that’s fairly close to work, because the macet just makes me want to heavily sigh. Or  leave for work at a later time.
  • Pollution! So we’ve established that there’s an abundance of cars and motorcycles and ojek and buses. Which makes for a nice cloud of exhaust! I think the worst is the ojek, which is this 3-wheeled motorcycle that is a mini-taxi that spews out dark black smoke. I really don’t think there is any filter, and definitely no muffler, so we can add noise pollution to the mix.
  • General choice of conversation for newcomers, oldcomers, and those who live here: macet! It’s like chatting about the weather in Canada; the safest conversation, where there’s always something new to talk about and where everyone has some kind of opinion about it.

Selamat Datang di Jakarta!


One comment on “In the big city

  1. Gwendolyn says:

    Breathing in traffic pollution or volcanic ash? Neither are great for the lungs. I hope Merapi settles down soon so you can go back to Jogya.
    Stay safe in the city!

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