Random 5 things I’ve learned.

1. There are pretty much no rules in traffic (comparatively). You can bike on either side of the road into oncoming traffic; where there are no traffic lights, it’s game on for who is least chicken, and don’t even bother checking your blind spot.

2. Always carry a handkerchief with you, so you can wear it while cycling or when on the motorbike to reduce the amount of exhaust and pollution you breathe.

3. Unrar means unzip a compressed file.

4. Eating yoghurt and oatmeal for breakfast is outrageous. Nasi goreng is much preferred.

4. Running at 7:30am is too hot and humid already. It’s much better to go at 6am, when it is noticeably cooler. Also, don’t go running errands between 12-2pm, or during “siang”; because it’s way too hot.

5. Di bungkus means “take out”.


One comment on “Random 5 things I’ve learned.

  1. amanda says:

    is it just me (trying to make you laugh) or does
    “Di bungkus – take out” sound suspiciously like
    “debunking – to take the bunk [lies] out of things”

    eh? eh? :P

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