A Year in Yogya…

August 29, 2010.

4 flights, 2 hotels (Tokyo, Jakarta), 2 movies, 2 novels, random hours of sleep…. I left on Wednesday, August 25th at 3am from Montreal. I arrived in Yogya, Indonesia at 3pm. Still pinching myself to verify the reality. Unbelievably exhausted and yet wide awake — Bagaimana Anda sebutkan “jet lag”?

Saya mahasiswa. Saya dari Kanada. Belajar bahasa indonesia dan bahasa jawi. Every time I try to use Bahasa Indonesia or Javanese, people start giggling like crazy, which makes me laugh too. Especially if I try and speak basa jawa — they laugh like crazy and want to know why on earth would I want to learn their language. So here it goes!


2 comments on “A Year in Yogya…

  1. Sasha says:

    is saya — I am and mahasiswa — student and dari — from, and belajar — study?

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