Postdoctoral fellow
University of Oslo
Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies

j.v.klok [at]

Photo by Olaf Christensen

Ph.D.,  Department of Linguistics, McGill University
Dissertation: Tense, aspect, and modal markers in Paciran Javanese [link]

I’m a linguist and a fieldworker. My research investigates the cross-linguistic articulation of syntax and semantics, especially on TAM (tense-aspect-modal) markers. I primarily draw on empirical insights from Javanese, a Western Malayo-Polynesian language of the Austronesian family spoken by about 70 million people in Indonesia. I have been conducting fieldwork in Indonesia since 2010, focusing on the varieties spoken in Yogyakarta and Semarang, Central Java, and Paciran, East Java.  



Paciran, East Java, Indonesia; June 2011